Does Shakespeare belong to the stage or the classroom? To the movie screen or the research paper? To the theater program or the English department? On Shakespeare’s Shadows, it’s all of the above — and the podcast. 

Featuring interviews with both actors and academics, Shakespeare’s Shadows delves into a single Shakespeare character in each episode. Perspectives from the worlds of academia, theater, and film together shape explorations of the Bard’s shadows, his imitations of life — pretty good imitations, ones that reveal enough of ourselves that we’re still talking about them four centuries later.

Created by Emily Rome
Art by Chris Weller
Original music by Daryl Chadwick

Emily Rome is a Los Angeles-based journalist with bylines in Entertainment Weekly, HitFix, Mental Floss, The Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Times, and more. She is a native of beautiful Washington State and an alumna of Loyola Marymount University. Among her enthusiasms are time travel stories, Charades, avocados, and, of course, Shakespeare.